Friday August 27, 2004

Carjack Victim Sodomized 

Berkeley Police are seeking two men who sodomized a motorist they carjacked late Tuesday evening near the corner of Fourth Street and Channing Way, said BPD spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 

After forcing the victim to drive out of the area, “basically they forced him into the back seat and forced him to orally copulate them as they sodomized him,” Okies said. 

The suspects are two white males between the ages of 25 and 35, one described as stocky and the other as slim. 

Okies declined to give further information about the case, which is still under investigation. 


Police Find Shooting Victim 

Officers responding to reports of shots fired near the intersection of Sixth and Page streets discovered a bleeding man on a porch at 900 Bataan Ave., a block and a half from the reported location of the shots. 

The 43-year-old victim, bleeding from several gunshot wounds in his neck and torso, was rushed to Highland Hospital and taken into surgery for treatment of wounds that are reportedly non-life-threatening. 

Officer Okies said investigators have found no evident connect between the shooting and an earlier incident that evening in which a man reported being beaten by a racially mixed group. 


Forgot Zip Code? 

Fellow pedestrians noted something odd about one of their number as they strolled along 10th Street near Gilman Street last Thursday afternoon. Inadvertently or otherwise, the 40-something gentleman clad in khaki and a tan-brimmed hat was exposing part of his anatomy normally unseen on Berkeley Streets save when the Xplicit Players are abroad in their full, fleshy splendor. 

He had vanished by the time Berkeley’s Finest arrived. 



Two Gunmen Get Cash 

Two men, each armed with a handgun, approached a pedestrian near the corner of Parker and Fulton streets shortly before 1 a.m. last Thursday and demanded his wallet. The victim wisely consented. 


Rat Pack Slash Attack  

A group of five or six young men approached another man near Willard Middle School shortly after 1 a.m. last Friday, one of them carrying a knife. The victim was beaten and sustained a non-life-threatening wound, for which he was treated at a local hospital. 


Young Robbers Arrested  

Berkeley Police arrested two juveniles after an aborted strong arm robbery at Hearst and McGee avenues early Tuesday evening. 


Masked Gunman Gets Cash 

A masked gunman confronted a pedestrian near the corner of Howe and Ellsworth streets about 7:30 Sunday evening and demanded cash. The victim opened his wallet and the bandit fled in a car. 


Ash Tray Equals Deadly Weapon 

Police are seeking a 28-year-old Berkeley woman on assault with a deadly weapon charge after she bashed a gentleman with a heavy glass ashtray Monday night. Police declined to give out further details of the incident. 


Shoplifter’s Dumb Move 

A man confronted by a security guard at the Shattuck Avenue Long’s Drugs on suspicion of shoplifting turned a boost into something more serious when he brandished a knife. 

The 36-year-old knife-flashing booster was provided with new accommodations at the city pokey. 

It was the second knife incident at a Shattuck Avenue drugstore in less than a week. On the 19th, another man brandished a knife at a security guard at the 1451 Shattuck Ave. Walgreens. The 38-year-old suspect was still in jail when his fellow knife-wielder arrived.e