Tuesday August 31, 2004

Gunman Opens Fire on Car 

A shooter unleashed a volley of shots at a car filled with four or five occupants near the corner of Russell and Sacramento streets about 9:20 p.m. Sunday, said Berkeley Police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 

No one was injured in the attack, and police have identified several suspects in the attack. 


Case Closed, Years Later 

A student shopping in a local used book store last week spotted several volumes bearing the stamp of the Pacific School of Religion. 

A check with the school determined that the volumes in question had been boosted several years before and later sold to the unwitting merchant, who volunteered to return the books without cost if a police report was filed. 

The necessary document was filed Sunday morning, and the books were on their way back to their old domain. 


Finger Bite Ends in Arrest 

Berkeley officers arrested two men at Civic Center Park Saturday night on charges of battery with serious bodily injury after a woman reported that they’d bitten her finger. Charges of interfering with a police officer were added after they took physical issue with the arresting officers. 


Golden Bear Inn Robbed 

A young man with a handgun walked into the Golden Bear Inn at 1620 San Pablo Ave. at 9:41 Friday evening and demanded cash. He fled moments later with the contents of the till. 


Knife-Armed Robber Gets Wallet 

A man with a knife approached a pedestrian at Ashby and San Pablo avenues at about 3 a.m. Saturday. The victim escaped without injury after he handed over his wallet, but it took him eight more hours before he was able to call police. 


Alleged Car Thief Faces More Charges 

Berkeley officers stopped a car near San Pablo Avenue and Haskell Street shortly after 9:30 Saturday night after the plates turned up on their hot sheet. 

They arrested the 41-year-old driver, and added public intoxication, parole violation and drug paraphernalia charges after they got a closer look at him and his hot wheels. 


Week’s Most Peculiar Heist  

Three young men in their late teens, one claiming to have a gun, approached a pedestrian at Tenth Street and Hearst Avenue about 9:15 p.m. Saturday and executed a strong-arm robbery. . .of his cigarette lighter. 


Rat Pack Juvenile Bandits 

A group of a dozen or more teenagers robbed three youngsters near the corner of Monterey and Posen Avenues at 9:30 Saturday evening, making off with their money. 


Gunman Takes Wallet 

A gunman, back up by two other young felons, confronted a pedestrian near Milvia and Blake street at 11:46 p.m. Sunday and took his wallet. 


Teens Snatch Purse 

A band of four teens snatched a woman’s purse near the corner of Fulton Street and Durant Avenue just after 12:30 a.m. Sunday. 


Trio Gets Cash 

Three young men relieved a pedestrian of his cash in a strongarm heist near the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Delaware Street at 2:39 a.m. Sunday.ô