Friday October 15, 2004


Knock Leads to Knocks 

A knock on the door last Friday evening brought an unpleasant surprise to one Russell Street resident. 

Opening the door, he was assaulted by four angry juveniles who fled after administering a beating. They were last seen fleeing down Ashby Avenue in a brown station wagon, police said. 

Their victim wasn’t seriously harmed in the attack. 

No suspect have been identified. 


Strongarm Pair Sought 

Last Saturday noon, two men so admired the belongings carried by a gentleman outside the Longs Drugs at San Pablo and University avenues that they decided to take them. 

After strong-arming the hapless pedestrian, they gathered up his goodies, tossed them into their yellow car and headed off for parts unknown. 


Rat Pack Robbery Report 

A caller told Berkeley Police that he was attacked on the Berkeley Pier just after midnight Sunday by a gang of 10 to 15 males and females who relieved him of his wallet, cell phone and watch. 

The case is currently under investigation, police said. 


Caller Sees Club, Calls Cops 

Police rushed to the corner of McGee and Hearst avenues shortly after 7:30 p.m. Sunday when a caller reported seeing a man with a club threatening another fellow. 

Both threatener and threatened had vanished by the time officers arrived. 


Worried Mother Calls 

An anguished mom called Berkeley Police from Vallejo at 8:43 p.m. Sunday after her daughter called to report she been confronted by a knife-wielding man on Indian Rock Path near Indian Rock Avenue. 

When officers arrived, the furtive felon had fled. 


Battery by Bladder 

When an employee of the Touchless Car Wash at 2176 Kittredge St. tried to evict a fellow spending way too much time in the bathroom Monday morning, the disgruntled fellow committed a touchless battery—via urine. 

Police arrested the 38-year-old man on charges of battery and probation violation. 


Same Weapon, Different Crime 

The same instrument used to commit battery at the carwash led to another arrest 90 minutes later when officers were summoned to the corner of Colusa and Portland avenues. 

Arriving on scene, police found a 36-year-old fellow seeking manual relief for his sexual tensions. 

They booked him for indecent exposure and escorted him to new and more confining quarters. 


Simulates Gun, Grabs Pack 

A man claiming to have a gun approached a woman with a backpack near the corner of Fulton and Prince streets just before 6 p.m. Tuesday and demanded the pack. 

The woman complied and robber departed.