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Aviary Ambassadors of Attitude By B(CYBERSPOOK) BURKE

Friday December 24, 2004

I live near strawberry creek and one of my favorite events is the daily comedy show put on by the resident crows that descend upon the giant eucalyptus and evergreens there. As I sat lazily watching them from my office recently land on branches one at a time at first, then almost on top of each other, yelling, and provoking each other I couldn’t help but recognize the correlation between those aviary ambassadors of attitude and the human variety of black suits. 


Well it’s a crow convention 

An aviary meet, 

where we all get together up on peckin’order street 


The uniforms are black, ‘cause it’s the order of the day 

we got some serious discussion 

and it ain’t no time to play 


Y’all come to order 

stop yer fussin’ 

look at me 

I’m in charge of this branch’ I’m the General of the tree 


I need yer undivided tension 

yer collateral support 

need yer extra special focus 

of the patriotic sort 


So this here branch is mine 

and that’n there is yers 

you better keep yer distance worm breath 

yer just a peck away from sores 


Now listen up ya turkeys 

we ain’t no Parakeets 

this is serious discussion 

here on Peckin’order street. 


After a long rancorous discourse, sans Robert’s Rules I’m sure, they seemed to adjourn on cue and lurch into air, en mass as if on the General’s order.