Friday June 17, 2005

Strong-Arm Carjackers 

The strong-arm robbery of a Berkeley man by a pair of teenage bandits at his Wheeler Street residence Monday afternoon turned into a carjacking when the robbers used his keys, which they stole, to make off with his Dodge Caravan, said Berkeley police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 


Robber’s Second Thoughts 

The knife-wielding robber who confronted another woman outside the Andronico’s Market in the 1500 block of Shattuck Avenue Tuesday afternoon apparently had second thoughts when she discovered her would-be victim was 80 years old. 

The robber abandoned her crime and her would-be victim departed with all of her belongings. 

Shirt Heist 

A tall man with a hankering for a new shirt fought off a Berkeley Mart employee who tried to stop him as he absconded with his new garment Wednesday evening, transforming a comparatively mild shoplifting charge into a far more serious count of robbery. 

The felonious booster fled the 2430 Shattuck Ave. shop with his ill-gotten gain, and no arrests have been made. 


Injured Cyclist 

A motorcyclist sustained minor injuries when he collided with a car at the intersection of Ashby Avenue and Ashby Place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. 

No one has been charged in the accident, said Officer Okies. 


Botched Robbery 

A Berkeley man successfully fended off a gang of five teenage robbers who accosted him near the corner of Sacramento and Cedar streets about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.