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Friday August 12, 2005

Molotov cocktail 

Berkeley police arrested a 13-year-old Monday on suspicion of possession of a destructive device after he reportedly tossed a Molotov cocktail in the direction a pedestrian in the 1300 block of Josephine. 

BPD spokesperson Officer Joe Okies said the pedestrian called police, who immediately began a search of the area. 

When officers stopped a group of four male juveniles neat the corner of Shattuck Avenue and Rose Street, they discovered that one was holding another Molotov cocktail. 

At that point the youth was arrested. 

Okies said there wasn’t any evidence to indicate that the youth had intended to hit the pedestrian. Had there been, the 13-year-old could have faced an additional charge of assault with a deadly weapon. 


Flight arrested 

A routine traffic stop for failure to use a turn signal in the 1200 block of Mabel Street at 10:41 p.m. Monday turned into something different when both occupants of the car decided to make “foot bail”—policespeak for beating the heat by shank’s mare. 

Unfortunately for them, there’s another piece of police lingo—“You can’t outrun the Motorola” (police radio). 

Officer Okies said the two were quickly apprehended and booked on suspicion of violating a host of statues, including driving without a valid license, probation violation, obstruction of justice, failure to yield and trespassing. 


Cell heist 

A man called police shortly after noon Tuesday to report that another fellow had robbed him the previous night in the 1400 block of Ashby Avenue using the old hand-in-the-pocket-I’ve-got-a-gun ruse. 


Foiled robbery 

A 45-year-old man reported that three men had tried to rob him in the 2400 block of Sixth Street just after 6 p.m. Tuesday, hitting him with a stick in the process. 

The trio had fled before police arrived. 


Crack and keys 

After police stopped a car on Arlington Avenue near Marin Circle shortly before 6 a.m. Wednesday, they discovered that one of the pair had an arrest warrant. 

An on-scene search also revealed a quantity of methampethamine and a pipe to smoke it in, as well as a set of specially modified keys of the sort often used by car thieves. 


Machete wielded 

Police are seeking a man who shoved a pedestrian and her companion in the 2400 block of Russell Street shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday. 

Officer Okies said that the incident began when the pedestrian shouted unkind words about the driving habits of a fellow in a yellow car. 

Angry, the driver got out, shoved both pedestrians, then opened his trunk and brandished a machete in their direction before driving off with his female companion. 

He was last seen heading northbound on Telegraph Avenue.