Zoning Board to Decide Future of Black & White Liquor By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Friday December 02, 2005

The fate of Black & White Liquors will be determined at a Dec. 8 meeting of the Zoning Adjustments Board (ZAB). -more-

Eeditorial: Out of Control With Bush at the Wheel By BECKY O'MALLEY

Tuesday November 29, 2005

When I was a small child, about 5 or so, I had a recurring dream in which I was driving a car, but was still a child and didn’t know how to drive it. It carried me all sorts of places I’d never intended to go, and I couldn’t make it stop. My dream car never crashed, because I learned how to wake myself up before things got too dire, but it was frightening nonetheless. The United States at the moment is in the grip of a similar dream. All sorts of things are careening out of the control of the electorate, of those of us who are theoretically in the driver’s seat, but who cannot control where the country is going. -more-

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