Mary, Queen Of The Cosmos By Carmen Hartono

Tuesday December 27, 2005

The apparitions of Mary in the last century have brought forth new titles for Our Lady. Among the most intriguing for me is thinking of the Blessed Mother as Queen of the Cosmos. While common sense dictates that no words can adequately address the Mother of God, for me ‘cosmos’ encompasses everything. And now that I am studying the New Cosmology at the Sophia Center at Holy Names University, I am becoming more in awe of the vastness of the universe. 

I believe that if we profess that Jesus is the Incarnation of the Creator, then we must believe that Mary is the incarnation of the universe. For how can God who is omnipresent be limited by a womb of a woman who is anything less than universal consciousness? Since the Holy Spirit speaks to all existence through the cosmos, and Mary is the vessel through which the Trinity became Flesh, then Mary herself must be the universe through which the Word speaks. 

Professor Brian Swimme tells us that the universe works through ten powers, the first being creativity which is realized in the center or at point zero.  

Each being in the creation must be at its own point zero for it to be in pulse with existence. If an individual is aiming elsewhere than center, it no longer is aligned to receive creative forces, it misses the mark, and will die. From this perspective, sin is less about morality and more about missing the point. Eternal life would then mean being wholly one with God Who is Eternal. For example, we believe that Mary’s Assumption means that her body never experienced death. 

The second power of allurement or attraction further proves my thinking. When any woman has a child, it is due to attraction to another human being, a man. The woman then gives birth to a human child. But Jesus was no ordinary child, since he is not only fully human but also fully God. A child becomes fully human when its mother and father give themselves completely to each other. For Jesus to be fully God, Mary and the Holy Spirit also give themselves completely to each other. This idea is only imaginable if Mary is creation itself. Anything less cannot physically receive the Creator giving of Himself completely. The third power is emergence, and Jesus emerges through the attraction of God the Creator and creation itself. 

So we have the mystery of the Incarnation. Then we witness the fourth principle, homogenesis, which brings forth the miracle of biological life. And as much as we wish it were not so, the fifth power of cataclysmic death and destruction became necessary for Jesus. The resurrected body is the sixth principle of synergy, a relationship that lasts forever. The seventh energy is transmutation, which is synergy transmuted to individual critical mass. 

Jesus, the Son of Mary, like His Mother is also the Incarnation of the Universe. His transformation (eighth principle) therefore also transforms all of existence. The temple that was destroyed at the crucifixion receives synergy and is transmuted for a transformation into seamlessness or universal inter relatedness (ninth principle) on the third day. Jesus our Savior becomes radiance (tenth power) or the universe in deep communion with itself. This will all be fully realized at the Second Coming of Christ. 

So are my thoughts this Advent Season.