A Candle for Cindy By Melanie Wendell

Friday December 30, 2005

A candle defies the darkness, 

The flame a tiny blaze 

Bending, battered by the slightest breeze, 

Brave and wordless, 

With no conscious effort 

Melting solid sturdy wax 

That weeps over its sides 

Silent tears 

Of understanding. 


A candle defies the darkness, 

And sends fear, hatred, ignorance 

Away, to hide in musty corners 

Where the air is thin and lifeless, 

And small minds shudder and grope 

For validation, to believe 

In war, in righteous pride 

And the shimmering ghost 

Of a faithless world. 


A candle defies the darkness, 

And a mother steps into the light 

To ask the question 

Burning in her heart 

Like a wick that won’t be doused, 

Tell me, now, she asks, 

Why did my son die? 

And the corners quake 

In indignation, upholding, defending 

The Lie, in the name of patriotism. 


A candle defies the darkness 

And melts the solid, waxen column 

Of willful, grasping, hopeless faith 

Bestowed upon a cynical man 

Whose determined vow 

To stay the course  

Defies all hope 

Of understanding.