Police Blotter

By Richard Brenneman
Tuesday May 23, 2006

Student robbed 

A UC Berkeley student and her mother were confronted by a pair of bandits using that old “I’ve got a gun in my pocket routine” as they walked near the corner of Ellsworth Street and Durant Avenue just before 10:30 Thursday night. 

One of the bandits grabbed the student’s purse while another tried to grab her mother’s. Mom screamed, and the nonplussed bandits fled, reports UC Berkeley Police Chief Victoria Harrison. 

The two men were African-Americans in their mid-20s, and both were thinly built, stood about 5’10” and wore their hair in braids. One was clean shaven and the other sported a goatee. 


Still broken 

The Berkeley Police Department’s online Community Crime View software appears to be still be broken, and no incidents have been posted since May 5. Calls made to the department Monday afternoon weren’t returned.