Man Murdered in North Oakland Parking Lot

By Richard Brenneman
Tuesday July 04, 2006

A 22-year-old Hayward man died late Friday night after he was gunned down in the parking lot of an apartment building in the 1100 block of 62nd Street. 

The site is just south of the Berkeley/Oakland border and a block from Emeryville. 

Oakland Police Department spokesperson Officer Roland Holmgren said Angelo Lewis was struck by multiple bullets just before 11:33 p.m. 

By the time police arrived at the scene, a woman was rushing Lewis to Kaiser Hospital in a car. 

Police followed, and less than 20 minutes after they arrived at the hospital, Lewis was pronounced dead of his injuries. 

Few details of the crime were available Monday. 

While early weekend news reports said three young men had been arrested for the murder after officers spotted and chased down a car matching the description of a vehicle seen leaving the scene of the shooting, Officer Holmgren said they were not charged with the death. 

“Two of them were arrested for unrelated crimes,” said Holmgren. 

He was unable to provide any description of a suspect in the shooting, and asked anyone with any possible information about the crime to call detectives at 238-3821. 

Signs of the crime were very much in evidence at the scene Monday. 

A makeshift memorial, complete with empty liquor bottles and candles, had been created at the base of the wall of one of the apartments in the two-building complex at 1126-30 62nd St. 

Above them were taped two sheets of poster board and a large, heart-shaped mylar balloon, adorned with “I Love You.” 

The poster board had been filled with tributes, as well as a photo of the slain man alongside a young woman. 

Taped to one of the posters was a lament penned on a sheet of notebook paper adorned with a single red rose. It read: 

Why is my friend gone? 

I don’t know 

How did my friend Die? 

He was Shot. Gun down like a dog in the Streets. 

But he was no dog. 

He was a rose growing in the concreet jungul. 

Peace I heard him say moments befor he was Killed. 

Did God hear his call for peace. I Think so, I did. 

Do you want Peace? I Do 

I pray for you, hope you make it home tonight. 

Peace My Brothers. 


A few feet away was a utility panel, scrawled with gang graffiti. “Fuck B-Town,” declared one, referring to youths of the city just across the border to the north. 

In the parking lot along the 62nd Street side of the complex, yellow chalk circles marked the sites where police had noted evidence, and the young man’s blood was still plainly visible Monday afternoon. 

The crime scene is a half-block south of San Pablo, and the site of the Maynard Academy just across the thoroughfare. 

Two blocks to the north on San Pablo, a small forest of wooden crosses flanks a larger concrete cross in front of St. Columba Catholic Church. 

Each of the smaller crosses bears a first name and a date. A larger sign fixed to the concrete cross declares, “These crosses represent those killed by homicide in Oakland this year.” 

There isn’t a cross yet for Anthony Lewis.