HUD Renews Redwood Garden Senior Housing Subsidy

By Rio Bauce, Special to the Planet
Friday July 21, 2006

Denise Fore, maintenance director of Redwood Gardens, a senior housing complex near Clark Kerr Campus that is home to around 200 senior citizens, said this week that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will renew their subsidies for the Redwood Gardens complex. 

The HUD subsidy was given to Redwood Gardens twenty years ago and is set to expire on Nov. 17. 

When told of Fore’s response, Redwood Gardens resident Charlie Betcher, who had feared an end to the subsidies that allow the residents to live at the complex, said, “I’m delighted, just delighted.” 

Some residents at the complex are skeptical as to whether the housing will actually be renewed and are not celebrating yet. 

“It’s unclear to me,” said longtime resident Eleanor Walden. “We were told by Denise that everything was fine. Then I heard at a Sunday meeting that it is still in jeopardy. I’m a little at loss for words.” 

However, Fore said she was certain that Redwood Gardens will be receiving their subsidy renewal. 

“HUD has already renewed the contracts [for Redwood Gardens],” she said. “It’s just what they do. When a building is developed, HUD typically gives them a 20-year contract. All buildings have been renewed … especially the senior housing.”