Joint Panel to Consider Downtown Landmarks

By Richard Brenneman
Tuesday August 15, 2006

Members of two city panels will gather tonight (Tuesday) in an effort to resolve issues surrounding the role of historic buildings in the future of downtown Berkeley. -more-

Editorial: The Importance of Protecting Free Speech

By Becky O’Malley
Friday August 11, 2006

This week we got a phone call from a polite but persistent guy who asked to speak to the editor—that’s me. When I called him back, he identified himself as the owner of a restaurant which has been advertising once a week in our restaurant guide section, and he said he was so unhappy with the paper’s coverage of the Middle East that he was thinking of canceling his ad. Now, 60 bucks a week one way or the other (those little color ads are almost loss-leader cheap for the advertisers) won’t make or break the budget, so we really don’t have a strong financial interest in arguing with the guy, but I did make an effort to explain two principles to him. First, respectable newspapers don’t let advertisers dictate policy for the editorial section and second, we firmly believe that airing all opinions, even those we find extremely distasteful, is the best way to solve problems in the long run. I pointed out that the Planet didn’t “cover” the Middle East, but just allowed opinions on the news from that area to be printed as letters or commentary signed by the authors. I asked the restaurant owner if he ever read the European press on the Internet, or Ha’aretz, the Israeli paper, or even the New York Times on a regular basis. He said he didn’t. We had a civil discussion, but it was apparent he wasn’t persuaded. -more-

Public Comment

Letters to the Editor

Tuesday August 15, 2006


Commentary: Military Takeover of Cuba Not Such a Remote Possibility

By Jean Damu
Tuesday August 15, 2006

Some politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and anti-Castro activists in Florida have been waiting so long for the passing from the scene of Cuban president Fidel Castro, that now that he has actually ceded power, it remains to be seen whether or not they can restrain themselves from attempting to provoke an event or series of events that would force Cuba to turn to its military for political stability and military defense during this transition period. -more-

Commentary: Brower Center is Building for the Future

By Peter K. Buckley
Tuesday August 15, 2006

I would like to clarify just a few of Mr. Katz’s misstatements that relate to the David Brower Center: -more-

Letters to the Editor

Friday August 11, 2006


Commentary: Immigration Bill’s Provisions Hidden in Plain Sight

By Rashida Tlaib, New America Media
Friday August 11, 2006

DETROIT—It’s been said before that the debate in Congress over immigration has needlessly gone beyond fixing the core problems within our immigration system. -more-

Readers Respond to Middle East Commentaries

Friday August 11, 2006


Commentary: ‘Progressives’ Oversimplify Housing, Growth Issues

By John Koenigshofer
Friday August 11, 2006

The irony of “progressive” politics is nowhere more apparent than in the housing policies of the City of Berkeley. -more-

Commentary: Both Mideast Commentaries Were Wrong

By Ehud Appel
Friday August 11, 2006

The Aug. 8 edition of the Daily Planet featured two appallingly ludicrous commentaries about the Lebanon war. One was an exercise in the most indulgent of national mythologies: “We are morally superior to Them.” -more-