Berkeley High Beat: BHS Students Celebrate Service Week

By Rio Bauce
Tuesday March 27, 2007

Last week was designated the Week of Service by Berkeley High School’s (BHS) student government. It was created to give students the opportunity to give back to their community. Friday was another Red and Gold Day with the Barbecue Club and the Baking Club at lunch. The Barbecue Club is a group of BHS male seniors who cook really good barbecue. Everyone at BHS likes it. A newer addition is the Baking Club, a group of BHS female seniors who make baked goods. The money raised will go to support charities. For those of you who don’t know, Red and Gold Day has traditionally occurred sometime in October once every school year, where students dress up in their school colors and show school spirit. It is typically followed by a homecoming rally. 

Leadership decided to have another Red and Gold day, a decision that met mixed reviews, but without a rally. Some people liked the idea of another spirit day, but others thought it made the day less important by having it twice. 

Monday was school cleanup day. Students met after school to clean up the courtyard and the school’s buildings. Our school looks a little cleaner. Tuesday was Tutor Tuesday. Students went over to Washington Elementary School to tutor kids in a variety of subjects. This was a godsend to many BHS Honors Math students eager to complete their tutoring requirements by today (the end of the third quarter). Wednesday was hailed as Club Day. During lunch, more than 30 school clubs had tables in the courtyard advertising their respective clubs. Some clubs included Engineering Club, Junior Statesman of America, Key Club, Chess Club, among others. The day was wildly successful. Many clubs started or expanded their membership. Thursday was the Blood Drive. Kids who were at least seventeen were allowed to donate blood. While some people were skeptical, many offered to donate and give back to the community. 

I think that having another Red and Gold day was a great idea. Anything that brings us together as a school is good. Oftentimes many kids feel lost and unconnected to one another. After all, we have 3,200 kids at our school and that number is growing every day. People come to BHS because it's a great school. It has great kids, great classes (including many APs), great sports, et cetera. Events like the Week of Service bring all types of people together—the “parkies,” the goths, the punks, all the social groups united behind a common theme. 

Whenever there are community activities, it really is beneficial for us. With that, Happy Week of Service and thanks to everyone who participated.