ZAB Passes Big West Berkeley Project on Brennan’s Site

By Riya Bhattacharjee
Tuesday March 27, 2007

The Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board approved a mixed-use project at 700 University Ave. Thursday. -more-

Editorial: Educating Artists the Hard Way

By Becky O’Malley
Friday March 23, 2007

March is Arts Education Month, according to press releases from the City of Berkeley, Alameda County and county education superintendent Sheila Jordan. It’s a cause everyone can get behind: kids and arts, what’s not to like? We’d like to get on the bandwagon too, before it’s too late. We believe that art is good for kids, and kids are good for art. We’ll even endorse the slogan some creative PR firm dreamed up: “Art IS education.” Of course it is. -more-

Public Comment

Letters to the Editor

Tuesday March 27, 2007


Commentary: Community Courage

By Winston Burton
Tuesday March 27, 2007

The law of the jungle is survival of the fittest; the law of civilization is cooperation! -more-

Commentary: Saving Sixth Grade and the Arts at Berkeley Arts Magnet

By Diane Douglas and others
Tuesday March 27, 2007

By Diane Douglas, David Schweidel, Rachel Greenberg, Sunny Solis, Darryl Dickerhoff and Lori Simpson -more-

Commentary: Blaming the Poor — It Costs, But Oh, How It Pays

By Carol Denney
Tuesday March 27, 2007

Ten years or so ago, the new-born Downtown Berkeley Association flexed its taxpayer-funded muscle and pressured the City Council to pass a raft of laws against “problematic street behavior,” widely touted as responsible for local economic decline. -more-

Commentary: Fantasy Building Rent Hikes Threaten a Valuable Community

By Rick Goldsmith
Tuesday March 27, 2007

Regarding the current battle at the Fantasy Building, where its new owner, San Rafael-based Wareham Property Group, is threatening Berkeley’s community of independent filmmakers with skyrocketing rents and odious-termed leases: -more-

Letters to the Editor

Friday March 23, 2007


Commentary: Development Bonanza Behind Artist Housing

By John Curl
Friday March 23, 2007

“We want to turn this into a new type of artists’ community,” said Doug Herst, owner of 5.5 acres of industrial land in West Berkeley, speaking at a special meeting at City Hall. He came over as a nice guy, and he really seemed to like artists and the arts. Sounded great. Until he unveiled the real project: a million square feet of mostly commercial, office, and residential development, with only seven thousand square feet for arts/crafts workshops, and only 20 percent of the residential units as artist live/work studios. -more-

An Open Letter to Mayor Bates

By Carlos Rivas
Friday March 23, 2007

Dear Mayor, -more-