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New Real Estate Features

Friday July 27, 2007

In both print and web issues: 

• Recent Home Sales -- includes not only the recent sale prices of the listed addresses but also the previous sale price and date. Readers can see how prices are rising or falling in the neighborhood they live in or where they hope to move. Partial listings will be in weekend print issues, with full data plus an interactive map on the web. 

• Open Homes -- a complete list of all the homes open for view each weekend. Basic listings are always free to sellers, who should ask their listing agent to make sure their home is included. Even more information can be found on the web, including an interactive map.  


On the Web: 

• Zoning application listings with interactive map -- the interactive map shows all zoning permit applications for Berkeley and provides a graphical look at development hot spots.  

• Recent Home Sales -- The only easily accessed data on recent East Bay home sales on the web; the only such listing that includes the previous sale price and date of sale. Includes data on sales for the previous month, not just the previous week; the only web site that presents this information on an interactive map. 

• Open Homes --- the most easily accessed data on weekend open homes in the East Bay. The only site organized so that it can easily be printed at home. The most complete and accurate map of East Bay open homes available on the web.