Public Comment

No Sense

By Pamela Collett
Thursday July 10, 2008 - 09:48:00 AM

Of time or space 

Without the sky or sun 

A grey pall hangs over us 


Is this our future? 

No escape from pollution 

The grey is smoke 

Fires caused by lightning 

1100 fires in California 

Fire fighters from 20 states 

A powerful warning 


No where to go 

No escape  

We all are on one scorching burning planet 

The sky IS falling  

And it is grey with smoke 


Take heed California 

Spread the word 

Everyone must change 

Consume less 

Populate less 

Use less water 

No lawns 

No more freeways 

No more suburbs 

Use trains and bikes 

Walk to the future 


There is no escape  

For anyone anywhere 

Regardless of money and power 

The sky is grey  

Over all California 

Do something 


Pamela Collett