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Cheap Places to Eat Along Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue

By Rio Bauce
Thursday August 21, 2008 - 11:25:00 AM
Four young family members take a break for some cool refreshment on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue during a warm summer afternoon.
Richard Brenneman
Four young family members take a break for some cool refreshment on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue during a warm summer afternoon.

Naan ’N’ Curry 

This is a very tasty, inexpensive Indian joint with nice décor. Regulars enjoy a vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry with choice of na’an (regular, garlic, whole wheat). This place also offers free hot chai tea. Come with a bunch of friends and hang out for hours while enjoying exquisite, authentic Indian cooking. 

2366 Telegraph Ave. 841-6226. www. 


La Burrita 

Winner of the Daily Californian’s Best of Berkeley Best Mexican food for the past eight years or so, La Burrita is quick and cheap. Seasoned Cal students know that when they want a large burrito at 11 or 12 at night, La Burrita will satisfy their needs. La Burrita offers an assortment of burritos, with any type of filling or tortilla imaginable, in addition to wonderful quesidillas and enchiladas. All entrees come with house-made chips and a variety of salsas to choose from. You definitely get your money’s worth here. (The shop has another location on Euclid Avenue north of campus.) 

2530 Durant Ave. 845-4859. 


Smart Alec’s 

A classic Berkeley tradition, Smart Alec’s has been offering low-cost healthy fast-food alternatives for many years. They have vegan burgers, chicken burgers, beef burgers, a variety of great salads, some of the best soups you could imagine, and of course, smoothies that are better than Jamba Juice. This place makes your food faster than “fast food” and is always consistent. Make sure to try the cornbread or chocolate bread for a special treat. 

2355 Telegraph Ave. 704-4000. 

Café Intermezzo 

What can I say about this place? It has the biggest salads you have ever seen or will ever see. The “Chef’s Delight” is a favorite with choice of meat, lettuce, hard-boiled egg, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, and croutons. Expect long lines at meal times, especially lunch, since this is a favorite for students, because of its cheap prices. If your not in the mood for a salad, they have pretty good sandwiches and soups.  

2442 Telegraph Ave. 849-4592. 


Crepes A-Go-Go 

A favorite of Cal students and Berkeley High students alike, Crepes A-Go-Go brings the French tradition of crepes to Berkeley. With two locations (the other on University Avenue), Crepes-A-Go-Go delivers up a wide variety of selections like crepes with nutella, various fruit spreads, and savory crepes as well. A must—go if you want something not only filling and hearty but delicious as well. Good prices and not usually too crowded. 

2334 Telegraph Ave. 486-2310. 



This burger joint is a longtime Berkeley classic. They serve up a variety of burgers (veggie, beef, turkey, chicken) and have excellent french fries. There is plenty of outdoor seating and service can vary. If you are looking for a quality burger and don’t feel like going to a fast-food joint, Smokehouse is a good choice for you. Their food is pretty consistent and doesn’t change. In addition, they stay open past 2 a.m. Just make sure to bring cash, since that is all they take. 

3115 Telegraph Ave. 845-3640.