Public Comment

Prop. 8

BY Jose Patino
Thursday December 04, 2008 - 09:58:00 AM

Superman flies like a buzzard 

over the foggy city sky 

with a pint of Budweiser 

and a transfixed smile 


His cape is wrapped 

around his steel hips 

an ad on his chest 

says vote No 


The waiter saw him falling 

like a mountain on a table 

the red skirt, the flashy T-shirt 

couldn’t be mistaken 


He is sick of being a hero 

pretending to be a successful human 

pretending he loves Lois Lane 

so they could let him do his Job. 


He is going to show them 

who he really is 


Nobody think he’s crazy 

he landed on a Wedding 

in Castro Street. 



Jose Patino 

El Cerrito