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Natural Immunity or Artificial Immunity?

By Michael Bauce
Thursday January 28, 2010 - 08:43:00 AM

The most important job you have in this lifetime is to raise your kids properly. With that in mind, my wife and I decided NOT to vaccinate our children soon after the birth of our first son in 1985. This decision was a well-thought out one. We weighed both sides carefully and made the choice in the interests of our kid’s future. We were happy to find out that our choice was guaranteed under California Health and Safety Code Section 120365 and also by federal law. It should also be noted that the American Medical Association is currently working to deny freedom of choice in this matter. If the AMA truly believes vaccination protects from disease, why would unvaccinated children be a threat to vaccinated ones? 

Our decision was based on our understanding of health, which was slightly different than modern sensibilities. Instead of interfering with the development of their immune systems through artificial vaccination, we would allow them to develop naturally. Our responsibility was to allow this to happen through a balanced diet—particularly a wholegrain-vegetable based one—and lifestyle. We took this responsibility very seriously. We were overjoyed with the results. 

The first thing that happened was resistance from school officials when we went to register our unvaccinated kids. We were told they could not be admitted because they would endanger the health of others. They weren’t informed of the law, so I made sure to bring copies for them.  

The next thing we noticed was whenever a flu or lice epidemic spread through their respective classrooms, our kids were never affected. In fact, they appeared healthier and happier than all of their counterparts. In talking with other parents who made the same choice not to vaccinate, we heard the same stories over and over again. Years later, after our kids are grown, we see the continued benefits of the choices we have made. 

  Modern health experts will scoff at our conclusions because it runs contrary to what they have been taught. Their conclusions are based on studies of children with weakened immune systems. They have not studied, do not trust, nor have they experienced natural health or healing on a personal level. 

A newly released book, The Blue Zones (Dan Buettner, National Geographic, 2008), identifies areas around the world today where people live long happy lives (into their 100s), virtually free of disease. Their diet is mostly whole grains and vegetables and they have little need for doctors or vaccinations. One such zone is located right here in California. 

I, like many others, was vaccinated as a child. I also spent a good portion of my childhood in and out of doctors’ offices, taking antibiotics frequently. I was a sitting duck for every germ that came down the pike. As an adult, however, I enjoy excellent health. I have learned that germs are not the cause of disease, just the symptoms of it. I’ve worked hard establishing natural immunity. Instead of handing the responsibility of my personal health over to the so-called experts, medical professionals and pharmaceutical corporations, I have chosen to accept it as my own and then to explain it to others. The rewards have been enormous. 

Should free speech apply only to political expression or should it apply to all, including criticism of medical science? Let’s keep in mind that although ungodly amounts of money continue to flow to Western medicine, disease continues to flourish without any end in sight. People continue to drop like flies from cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This is something we may want to talk about. 


Michael Bauce is a macrobiotic teacher and counselor and lives in Berkeley.