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Police Arrest Westside Gang Suspects For Robbery

By Riya Bhattacharjee
Thursday April 01, 2010 - 10:53:00 AM

Berkeley police Saturday arrested alleged members of the city’s notorious Westside gang after being alerted by witnesses who said gang members had committed a robbery. 

On March 27, prior to 2:38 a.m., a group of young people was walking in the 2900 block of College Avenue when they were robbed by another group. 

According to Berkeley police spokesperson Officer Jamie Perkins, a 20-year-old female victim was robbed of her personal belongings, including her purse, with gun threats from the suspects. 

Perkins said the victim was from out of town. 

The suspects physically attacked and attempted to rob a male victim in the group, but did not take anything. They then fled the scene in a vehicle. 

Witnesses present at the scene reported to the Berkeley Police Department that they had seen a vehicle in the area. The police broadcast the information, and UC Police Department officers located the vehicle.  

The suspects were identified by eyewitnesses and the victims and later arrested. 

Perkins said that a total of six people were arrested, including three adults and three minors. 

Among those arrested were Aubrey Blank, 20, and Yuvette Martinez, 18, who were charged with robbery, attempted robbery and committing a felony in association with a criminal street gang. 

Jesus Diaz, 21, was charged with robbery and attempted robbery, committing a felony while being a known gang member, resisting arrest and vandalism to a UCPD vehicle. 

The minors included two boys and one girl who were arrested for similar charges and sent to the Alameda County Juvenile Hall. 

Perkins said she did not know about the suspects’ affiliation in terms of educational institutions, but they did not appear to be Berkeley residents. 

“It’s safe to say that some of them are members of the Westside gang,” Perkins said. “We have arrested members of that gang before for various crimes, including robbery.”