Public Comment


By R.G. Davis, Ph.D.
Tuesday July 06, 2010 - 10:03:00 AM

            How does international political deception and distraction work? Take the matter of Iranian nuclear development as a tool for the Israelis to direct attention away from their barbarism in the Palestinian territories. 

In order to deflect attention from arrests, shelling, assassinations, seizure of houses, territory and marginalizing all the Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem while punishing all in the Gaza strip, the Israelis cry wolf loudly again and again (in the US): Iran is on the road to making a bomb. And, tacitly, that bomb or two bombs will cause 200 Israeli atomic weapons to be less then effective — because? Because you can't trust the Iranians not to use the bomb whereas the Israelis who have invaded assassinated broken international laws, killed 9 Turks this month, and more Palestinians yesterday, today and tomorrow — can be trusted: Whereas the Iranians can't but the Israelis can. That must be the way (dual citizen) Rahm Emanuel makes his presentations to Barrack Obama, the President of the US-Israeli special relationship.


The Israeli foreign policy is to insist it has a security problem. Which is essence true: They have been placed and placed themselves in the middle of Arab countries and allowed to seize land, expand, kill off the Palestinians, and drive them into the sea. For some reason a number of countries and people find it horrendous and don't trust the Israelis therefore—consistently want to get rid of or at least stop that country.


            Many people in the world don't trust the USA either for the same reasons. When the US drops thousands of troops and hundreds of missiles on Afghanistan and Pakistan many people in these areas don't trust the USA either. How ungrateful they are that the US has come to invade, destroy, occupy, and the people there are not thankful that the US democracy in its capitalist military mode has come to save them from the Taliban and Al Queda. Don't they know this is done for US security reasons; over there rather than over here? [Song: WWI “Over There.”]


            Israelis have the same belief in their reason to exist while killing, destroying, attacking, torturing and imprisoning Palestinians. The Palestinians, in the US press, aren’t able to explain they have rights to resist such tactics as many people have done and will do. Contrariness mounts when the US provides funds for Israeli weapons, and for dissidents in Iran (450 million voted for in Congress), and also is blocking its international trade, sends naval war ships to the Gulf (to pollute there), while bringing democracy at the end of a battleship or in packages wrapped by the CIA.


            Meanwhile the Israelis threaten attack, a counter-productive move, since it drives the dissidents to unite with the mullahs to defend Iran, just as the pacifists in Israel are drowned by the religious Jewish fanatics who would erase Palestinians


The Israelis may not win this one. There is a point, a tipping point in ecological climate change studies, that states that crisis will increase 'positive feed back’, which means exponential reactions. As the anti-apartheid movement increases, along with picket lines in front of Israeli ships, Israelis will apparently assist by doing more damage, while the USA makes it even more contradictory by selling nuclear materials to India (and China?) while reducing its stockpile of nuclear bombs and upgrading others.


The systemic proposition that unites these conflicting and contradictory maneuvers is the presumption the USA is a moral democratic nation and its military can be trusted to kill civilians along with resistance fighters, just like Israel, the only totally militarized democracy/theocracy in the Middle East that has an apartheid policy, is engaged in ethnic cleansing, and thus is correctly in need of security. Get it? It is Biblical logic, the Iranians can’t be trusted, they will attack Israel, the militarized 200 atom bomb nation also defended by Obama’s military. 


Hail to the people who formed the picket line blockade in Oakland— again, again, again. 




R.G. Davis, Ph. D., was the founder of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. His father was Jewish and his mother was an Italian Communist who was interested in Ecological Aesthetics. He also supports the Irish Old Leftists who always hate the Brits.