Press Release: Labor Action on Second Street Between Page and Gilman

From Sgt. Mary Kussmis
Monday March 21, 2011 - 12:10:00 PM

GMP Union Local 164B is having a labor action between Page Street and Gilman. The group is picketing for fair wages and healthcare benefits. The Union leadership anticipates approximately 100 picketers at a time on 6 hour shifts around the clock until the issues are resolved. They have and are carrying signs but as of yet have no amplified sound. (bullhorns or the like) 

The daytime contact is Carlos Acosta. A graveyard shift Sergeant had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Acosta who assured that they would be peaceful activity. The Sergeant advised him to be respectful of the businesses and not to block vehicular access on 2nd Street or any adjacent Streets. As Union activity is protected barring no illegal activity, BPD will respond to calls and make the necessary assessments, liaison with the leaders, follow policy and a Sergeant will be involved in the responses to the calls. 

We just received a call that they are being non-compliant. (10:55 a.m.)