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Song of the Wealthy Man

By Carol Denney
Tuesday May 10, 2011 - 08:29:00 PM

Chorus: it’s the song, it’s the song

the song of the wealthy man!

always right, never wrong!

try to be just like me if you can!

it’s the song of the wealthy man! 


you are not my brother we’re nothing alike 

I’m driving my hummer you’re riding your bike! 

if I were in your shoes I know what I’d see 

if I were in your shoes I’d want to be me! (chorus) 


you are not my sister no how and no way 

your troubles won’t ever come darken my day! 

you’re different it’s your fault you’re stuck in a ditch 

you should have planned better like me and got rich! (chorus) 


I am not your keeper so get on your knees 

and if you want something you’d better say please! 

it’s best if you flatter obsequiously 

I’ll hear you much better if it’s about me! (chorus) 


if you’re out of money well I’m not to blame 

of course I’m a winner I made up the game! 

you should have planned better it’s easy to see 

go talk to your broker quit whining to me! (chorus) 


a snap of my fingers they follow like geese 

I own the officials I own the police! 

the sidewalks are mine and the medians, too 

so get up and move before I arrest you! (chorus) 


when you're poor well of course no one listens to you 

It's amazing what big piles of money can do! 

I encounter agreement whatever I say 

And if they try to tax me I faint dead away! (chorus) 


raise a glass to the rich ‘cause they're better than you 

better shod, dressed, connected, and well insured, too! 

money may not buy love as the songs always say 

but it buys politicians and they're here to stay! (chorus)