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U.C.'S Godzilla Crane—a Looming Presence over Teley—Pokes Its Nose Over Saturday’s ASUC Hip-hop Fest in People's Park

By Ted Friedman
Wednesday May 11, 2011 - 09:21:00 AM
The Crane, Godzilla, Drops in on Saturdays ASUC hip-hop fest in People's Park.
Ted Friedman
The Crane, Godzilla, Drops in on Saturdays ASUC hip-hop fest in People's Park.

This university crane—a city block in length— swiveled its way into People's Park for Saturday's ASUC's annual hip-hop event. 

Perhaps the crane wanted to check out the staccato enunciation of Saturday's hip-hopers, who seem capable of spitting out the entire works of Alfred Lord Tennyson in three minutes. 

The Godzilla crane, which has swiveled its way over Telegraph for three weeks, appearing over the Cafe Mediteraneum as well as Rasputin's, is at work on a six-story student dormitory, which will house 418 when it is completed in the fall of 2012, according to a university spokesman. 

The complex will feature interior plazas and a public access pathway for pedestrians addicted to cutting across the former university parking lot that was torn down to make a paradise out of a parking lot. 

There is no intended parking, according to the spokesman. Those registering for the new dorm must not have cars, according to the university. 

Some park regulars, who see the crane as an interloper, or worse, believe the crane portends the university's intentions to re-take the park. The university owns the land, but not the park, according to many park users. 

Saturday's ASUC hip-hop event, in its sixteenth year, was closely watched by five UCPD patrolmen. Three of their heads appear in the lower right hand corner of the accompanying photo. 

University police have in past years had trouble with hip-hop riots, although not in the park, and are being on the look-out for trouble. Some attendees, said violence was far from their minds.  

On behalf of park neighbors, police also monitored decibel ratings. More than three hundred students attended the event which, according to police, ended peacefully at five p.m. The event got off to a late start in the afternoon but at its peak attracted more than 300 students. 


Ted Friedman is keeping his eye on the Southside Godzilla just to make sure it doesn't get out of line.