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US Style Investigative Journalism Has to Lie

By R.G. Davis, Ph.D.
Wednesday May 11, 2011 - 09:36:00 AM

Now that Wikileaks has revealed the lies of the US Government re: Guantanamo prisoners and other events, the commercial newspapers that pretend/assert they are telling the truth, we know are lying. Fiction films tell more truths then half-truth documentaries. The truth has to be a lie or else it is not believed. Lies imitating truths are better than truths. It is thereby essential to lie in order to establish the truth. 

This is not unknown to many short-minded Americans who are so used to distorted truths, they hardly know the difference between a lie (fact) and the truth (fact), therefore prefer a lie to more easily accept to the necessary denials about their society.  

Nationalism and patriotism is asserted by the less wealthy. The millionaire and billionaires need not assert their patriotism (they make money) don’t pay a fair share of taxes since they invest in other nations and sequester millions from their own nations while the middle and lower classes are the first to raise their shirts with USA on it as the US asserts /CIA/ Home Land Security plus Obama the Bamba all insist they killed Osama ben Laden. Was it state murder, assassination, “Shot in the eye in a firefight,” was it a Mossad style killing, plus 40 minutes of invading another country?  

The function of that death, with burial (dumping at sea as the “Moslem custom”) to avoid his living interrogation that would have brought up his CIA connection: “What the CIA creates they can Kill.” 

If the repeated convoluted story is true it should lead to lowering the investment in terrorist defenses. Si o No? In the short run, one or two people might now ask: “Isn’t terrorism dead, over? Not so, the government news media immediately said it is not, thereby admitting that inevitable retaliatory acts against US Embassies around the world, along with the 1000 military bases and US corporate headquarters making the killing --“snuff him out, win-win, Got Him,”-- likely to produce more anti-US activity around the world. Not inside this country but other places beyond the mindset of young Americans who are forced to speak one language and read TV and computer adds. 

We should notice that Al Qaeda is hardly centralized with the leadership dispersed as it should be in resistance, guerrilla, revolutionary or religious oppositional groups fighting state run colonial militaries. The fatwa or anti western sentiment posed in religious terms of a war “Between civilizations” (US version similar to a Muslim one) that every Muslim or Arab or non-Western person is responsible for resistance and should oppose Western Civilization is a lively argument. 

[Saudi Arabia, a 21st century Kingdom intertwined with US Oil corporations sustained by reactionary religious and undemocratic thoughts controlling religious sights as well. Add-on Jewish Israeli control of religious cites in Jerusalem All this gets tangled to produce wonderful contradictions]  

Thus non-members of Al Qaeda or the Taliban or ordinary humans who think consumerism, capitalism, colonialism, destructive wars and western culture are all abominable, will take up some act of retaliation and destruction both of others and themselves. Why not? Suicide bombers don’t have voting rights or any rights, so going to heaven (a special cemetery for Muslims and other resisters) is Saint-hood, Inshallah, Allah be Praised and a mitzvah. 

The joy of the crowds in New York City full of unemployed and unemployable youths screaming USA, with Champion songs, like a football game, Roman orgy, celebrating the killing of another human plus 4 or 5 others, is all post modernized to become a video sports/war game. Now we are onto a sociological anthropological track, all is on international TV making the celebratory victory in this country, result in an angry response in other countries. Another horrific invasion, revenge killing, macho number one, two, and three US style, similar to Israeli kidnapping, assassinations and murder in any country they can get away with. The US of A the “big bully on the block.” (Quote Obama). 

To round out this thought piece on lies and truths. Wikileaks apparently thought to follow Daniel Ellsberg’s approach at first by releasing cables to only major commercial newspapers. However since the corporate media is invested in lies, truths, half-truths, they edited those cables and in many cases did not print all the news nor the lies and truths, rather sorted out what lies and truths the newspapers thought would attract readers but not government reaction repression or legal challenges. 

Now comes the third and forth contradiction. 

In the current revelations of secret documents Attorney General Holder has declared the lies of the Government about Guantanamo prisoners are top secret and cannot be used in court by attorneys defending the abused prisoners. Democracy rules and reveals that the courts are rigged to admit only that which asserts the State and the prosecutors want (go-get em, jail-em inject-em) and not the defendants who have been tortured and wrongfully charged with false accusations. For anyone who has been thru the court and jail system that is the way it most often works. 

The lesson (Lehrstuck in Brecht’s terms) is in print and if it is in the newspapers, as everyone knows, it must be the truth.