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A Quick Review of a Berkeley Arts Festival Concert

By M. Louise Stanley
Tuesday July 19, 2011 - 07:42:00 PM

.So I went to one of the concerts tonight in the Berkeley Arts Festival... Jerry Kuderna, a pianist who played some wonderful Debussy etudes, very modern, percussive and bombastic, new to me. He talked about Debussy's process and sources and how hearing Stravinsky for the first time, Debussy was inspired to take more risks. He was very passionate and entertaining. He also premiered a piece by Alden Jenks who was present. 

The audience seemed to be regulars to the festival and friends of the musician. The space is an empty store front at the top of University Ave. I swear, if you were walking down the street, a stranger from out of town, and stumbled on one of the concerts, you'd want to move here. A very Berkeley experience. It made me appreciate the wealth of art there is in the Bay Area. It's easy to take it for granted, made me want to go to more live performances. Funky venue (we artists painted the walls, hung the show and lit it). Ceiling is falling down, white muslin is covering some walls but it all adds to the ambience. I feel very proud to be part of it. All our work fits the location and venue, good backdrops for the music. It was / is very cool. Bonnie Hughes has been running this festival for 20+ yrs. and knows how to put together a venue that is intimate and casual and very hip. 

M. Louise Stanley is one of the artists in the show.