Bon Appetit

By Dorothy Snodgrass
Wednesday October 12, 2011 - 03:20:00 PM

After studying me critically, in ill- disguised disgust, my Kaiser doctor recently ordered me in stern tones to go on a diet. O.k., so that's easy for her to say -- she weighs all of 95 pounds, soaking wet. I know she would strenuously object to the many times a week I go out for breakfast/lunch with friends and neighbors. But, what the heck, this is one of life's pleasures. And there are so many great restaurants in Berkeley and the bay area where one can hang out (and pig out). 

To name just a few, there's Le Bateau Ivre/The Drunken Boat, a short walk from my apartment. I could, of course, order a healthy, nutritious salad, but generally settle for waffles and sour cream. Nearby on Telegraph and Dwight Way is Ann's Kitchen and Restaurant with an imaginative and reasonably priced menu. If a big fat, juicy hamburger is your idea of heaven, try Bongo Burger, across from Peet's Coffee on Dwight Way. Try the fried onion rings or french fries. Then there's Home Cafe at Sacramento Street, if you're willing to stand outside and wait for a table. Another popular restaurant Fat Apples on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, offering a great soup/salad luncheon. You haven't lived until you're tried their rhubarb pie! 

Another pleasant and unique restaurant is Sam's Log Cabin in Albany. Their speciality is mouth-watering egg dishes and good beer and ale beverages. The ambience and informality is worth the few miles getting there. A long time favorite is Saul's Restaurant on Shattuck Avenue; it was exceptionally busy during the recent Jewish High Holidays. I've also been known to dine at McDonald's when I'm strapped for money, which is most of the time. 

If none of these eateries strike your fancy, there's always Peet's Coffee, both on Telegraph and Walnut Streets, though they offer only scones and sweet pastries. But, oh, their coffee is so good. 

So, dear friends, forget calories. Bon Appetit!