The Editor's Back Fence

U.C. Police in Berkeley and Davis Are Savages--the U.C. Executives Responsible Should be Fired

Monday November 21, 2011 - 08:48:00 AM

Okay—it's pretty clear to me. The President of the University of California along with the chicken Chancellors of U.C. Berkeley and U.C. Davis should resign. Looking at this video of the pepper-spraying of peaceful non-violent students at Davis, I see only two interpretations: Either these three highly paid executives approved of what happened and planned it that way, or they've lost control of the jack-booted thugs who work for them. Either way, they've failed, disgracefully, at their jobs. The governor of California should demand their resignation. 

For a full account of what happened, the Associated Press report is good, and Glenn Greenwald's analysis of the prevalence of this kind of police reaction to exercise of First Amendment rights is excellent [thanks to Richard Fabry for the tip].