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St. John's Church Carols for Occupy Berkeley

By Mark Coplan
Tuesday December 20, 2011 - 12:00:00 PM

Members of St John's Presbyterian Church in Berkeley sang Christmas carols for Occupy Berkeley after church on Sunday (Dec. 18th). The group was led by Pastor Max Lynn and Music Director Todd Lolly in their annual caroling expedition, which usually focuses on senior residents homes, because they wanted to show support for the occupy movement. 

"We are the 99%, and we just want to show support, as well as appreciation for those who are making the time to stand up for all of us", stated Pastor Max, "we are with them every day in spirit". Pastor Max visited the site earlier in the week to plan the Sunday visit, and because he overheard a discussion about the need for more protein and even meat for the occupy kitchen, the group arrived with a couple of cooked hams, huge cans of tuna and other food supplies. While the kitchen bustled with new activity, others joined the carolers or stood around listening to the music eating ham or tuna sandwiches. 

St John's Presbyterian Church was one of the first sanctuary churches in the US, providing refuge for Salvadorian and Guatemalan political refugees, and is a More Light Church, welcoming and supporting the LGBTQ community and their right to worship, marry and preach the word of an inclusive God 

Mark Coplan is an Elder at St John's Presbyterian Church