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Berkeley Neighborhood Leaders Meet, Set Priorities (Participant Account)

By Martha Nicoloff
Tuesday February 14, 2012 - 07:25:00 AM

For the first time in many years a city wide gathering of neighborhood leaders was held Saturday at the Hillside Club The objective of the meeting was to increase contact, explore local issues and to have more impact on City government. 

A priority list includes the following concerns; 

  • West Berkeley wants a reduction of 100 foot buildings permitted in the current plan for residential neighborhoods.
  • South of campus wants to stop mini-dorms in older houses that have been converted to as many as 19 bedrooms, often causing rowdy late night parties.
  • Save old city hall from demolition, it is a city icon, the first building to have historic designation. Find sources for funding for earthquake reinforcement.
  • Have a say in the selection of the new planning director. - Get on the city's list for email notices concerning zoning decisions and design review issues.
  • Stop commercial sized day care use in neighborhoods zoned for duplex units.
  • A group of citizens is researching the indebtedness of the city, and has discovered that promised reports have not materialized offering solutions. They are hoping to put an initiative on the November ballot.
The forty representatives attending approved meeting again in the near future. Council of Neighborhood Associations (CNA) organized the meeting. 

Martha Nicoloff is the co-author of the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.