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Bob Burnett's recent editorial on Obama's disastrous energy policy

By Christopher Calder
Tuesday March 13, 2012 - 09:33:00 PM

Bob Burnett's recent editorial on Obama's disastrous energy policy is an example of pure mindless propaganda. 

The Democratic Party is committing political suicide by not enthusiastically supporting the Keystone Pipeline. Americans will need oil to survive for at least another 50 years no matter what we do. We should drill for oil everywhere we can, including all of Alaska. Our society is collapsing due to high energy prices, and all Democrats can do is finance worthless boondoggle wind and solar schemes. 

We should use the right tool for the right job. Wind energy is good for pleasure sailboats and irrigation, not for producing electricity. Solar is good for pocket calculators and powering remote weather stations, not for large scale energy production. 

Food equals energy and energy equals food. You cannot eat hollow, impotent, feel-good symbolic gestures. High energy prices always cause high food prices and unemployment. The Democratic Party currently equals the party of mass starvation and economic collapse. 

Biofuels have killed through malnutrition and related illness an absolute minimum of 20 million people worldwide over the last 20 years due to the global food price hyperinflation they have created, and biofuel farming has damaged the environment far more than any other new activity of man. Does biofuel farming represent a moral and rational energy policy? Ask yourself why Democrats would rather drill the human food supply for energy than Alaska. Is that sane and responsible energy policy? 

Democrats failed to cut off funding for Bush’s illegal war in Iraq, and Obama’s counterproductive war in Afghanistan. So exactly, what is the Democratic Party good for? 


Christopher Calder is a nonprofit food security advocate in Eugene, Oregon.