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Press Release: Berkeley No on S Campaign Grabs Three Democratic Club Endorsements

By Christopher Cook, No on S coalition
Friday September 28, 2012 - 12:35:00 PM

Three prominent Berkeley Democratic clubs endorsed a "No on S" position this week, lending new momentum to the campaign to defeat the "sit-lie" measure on this November's ballot. 

The UC Cal Berkeley Democrats, East Bay Young Democrats, and East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club all voted to endorse No on Measure S, sending a signal of widening opposition to the proposal among Berkeley Democrats. Four of five Berkeley Democratic clubs have now voted No on S. 

"We are grateful and excited to have this growing support," said Bob Offer-Westort, coordinator for the No on S campaign. "The more people learn about Measure S, what it will do and how flawed it is, the more they are saying no. Opposition is clearly growing." 

The endorsements follow a No on S position earlier this week by the National Lawyers Guild Bay Area Chapter, the country's largest with more than 600 members. 

The No on S coalition includes numerous Berkeley merchants, city councilors, social service organizations, faith leaders, the ACLU, National Lawyers’ Guild, and many community leaders throughout the city.