Public Comment

New: EBRPD-Oakland Fire Hazard EIS

By Anne Krysiak
Saturday May 25, 2013 - 06:22:00 PM

I am not a tree hugger or an activist. Three weeks before our wedding on November 9, 1991, my husband lost everything he owned in the Oakland HIlls Firestorm. I have every sympathy and interest in fire mitigation. I now live near the Lake Chabot area referenced in this proposal.

The problem I have is that this EIS proposal has been essentially hidden from public review. If it hadn't been for an activist finding out about the final public meetings at the last minute and contacting the press, none of the affected residents would've been aware the meetings. Why? 

While there are very rational reasons for vegetation management, I am highly suspicious of the "under the radar" process that EBRPD and the City of Oakland used in their attempt to get FEMA to approve the funding. 

Hopefully, FEMA will think twice about funding this program now that it's obvious that residents and park users are questioning the proposed activities