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Condo Project Threatens
Berkeley Bob's Auto Repair:
An Open Letter

Melissa Stephens, Administrative Director, Berkeley Bob's
Thursday July 10, 2014 - 06:02:00 PM

Dear Planning and Development Dept;

After receiving your mailer announcing the proposed modifications to Use Permit #2014-0005 on Grayson and San Pablo I became aware of the condo project. I run a small automotive repair in the neighborhood just north of this development. The City installed parking meters out front of our business a couple years back greatly changing the ability of my customers, vendors and employees to find close parking and most days it's difficult to find any around the block. Bear in mind I operate an AUTOMOTIVE repair therefore my customers do not walk, bike or skateboard here - they must drive or tow in their vehicles. I feel if you allow this developer to build a 23 condominium mixed use project with only 13 parking spaces my business will be negatively affected when the occupants seek local street parking for their vehicles. I figure at least 33 cars looking for street parking not to mention any businesses that may be included in this project whose customers may need street parking.  

I invite you to drive around the neighborhood, 10th Street, 9th Street, Grayson Street, Heinz Street, Pardee Street and Oregon Streets. During the day these streets are full, more parking becomes available after 7pm however this reduction in parking means approximately 33 additional cars would take up every parking spot for 4 blocks. This is simply unacceptable. 

Hope you take this into consideration when making your decision.