Public Comment


Romila Khanna
Sunday November 30, 2014 - 09:28:00 PM

Today's immigration problem will linger on for a long period of time. Even with deportation attempts to return undocumented people to their native countries, many will stay back with their families or friends. I think we may have to spend thousands of dollars to locate them and deport them.  

We have to screen illegal immigrants well, checking their background. All skilled workers who have clean records may be allowed to stay here. Our laws have to be strict and our borders have to be secured and the guards at our borders have to follow the laws of the land. Nobody should be allowed to enter illegally. It is very urgent to take steps sooner rather than later to save us from many unwanted protests and crowded meetings. Let us rethink important issues like immigration now before more problems result due to negligence on our part.