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50 Years On: A Gathering to Celebrate The Berkeley Barb

Gar Smith
Saturday March 07, 2015 - 04:27:00 PM

With the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Berkeley Barb coming up in mid-August, what could be better than a Berkeley-based celebration—call it a Barbapolooza. Toward that end, a small but growing group of former Barb vets (both staff and contributors) is just starting to kick this idea into shape. 

So far, the initial plans include: 

August 12: A private celebration party with live music and comedy celebrating free speech and the alternative press, at Berkeley's Freight & Salvage

August 13: The Berkeley Main Library will be hosting a day of speakers and panels. Peter Dale Scott and Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld (Dr. Hip) will be featured along with panels of Barb editors, staffers, and contributors. 

Spread the word. Help us reach out to other Barb vets. Please check out the attached list. Folks in bold have been contacted and will be attending. Can you help us reach the others? And who's missing from the list? 


Other news: 

• We have secured web domains for and .net and have acquired the funding to have the website designed. Also, for the first time, we have arranged for the Barb to be digitally scanned by professional archivists (Jef Moyer's Reveal Digital in Saline, Michigan). The contents will be made freely available to all on our new webpage. 

• We are looking for resources to create historical displays for the Library and other locales so, if you have any Barb-related photos, posters, letters, art, or memorabilia, please send scans or photographs to

• And we even have a spot on Facebook. 


People We Are Looking For. Our Search So Far: 


Code: Bold = found, Underlined = gone 

Alexander, Ron 

Albert, Judy Gumbo  

Alfred, Randy 

Allen, Velvet 

Armstrong, David 

Ayotte, Elain 

Bacon, Leslie 

Badajos, Ed 

Bail, Jay 

Baldwin, John 

Bauer, Bernard 

Benhari, Ted 

Bensky, Larry 

Billote, Louise 


Bonewits, Issac (d) 

Bottoms, Ken 

Brown, Nacio Jan 

Bryan, John (d) 

Cassidy, Neal 

Chapman, Curtis 

Chatzky, Michael 

Chitwood, Gordon 

Clark, Richard 

Clougher, Rick 

Cook, Charles 

Copeland, Al 

Crawford, Larry 

Curtis, Dale 

Daley, Patrice 

Damon, Bill 

Darling, Todd 

Delores, Velvet 

Demarest, Peter and Michelle 

DeRuter, Carie 

Diggs, R. 

Doern, Barbara 

Douglas, Angela 

Dylano, Ralph 

Eisner, Ken 

Fager, Chuck 

Felsenstein, Lee 

Ferlinghetti, Laurence 

Fries, Janet 

Geerdes, Clay  

Gevins, Adi 

Gentle Waters 

Glasier, Stephen 

Glass, Tom 

Glauberman, Stu 

Glusman, Paul 

Goldberg, Art 

Goldberg, Michael & Leslie 

Goldstein, Geoff 

Grant, Sheila 

Grabowicz, Paul 

Grayson, Milly 

Greaves, Kay 

Griffith, Bill 

Guinn, Nancy 

Haines, Marsha 

Haines, Steve 

Hall, Douglas and Carol 


Heide, Rich 

Hellman, Steve 

Helm, Michael 

Henderson, Dave 

Hillman, Katie 

Hirsch, Marina 

Hoffman, Ron (Pink Cloud) 

Howe, Rob 

Israeli, Phineas 

Jaison, Jef 

Johnson, Art 

Johnston, David 


Kahn, Judy 

Kaplan, David 

Katz, Louise 

Kaufmann, George (Sgt. Pepper)  

Kitt, Al 

Korman, Michael 

Kransdorf, Anne 

Kronenthal, Mike 

Krassner, Paul 

Lampe, Keith (Ponderosa Pine)  

Langley, Beee 

Laurence, Leo 

Leggitt, Anne 

Lichty, Ron 

Linn, Amy 

Liss, Carla 

Loeb, Paul 

Long, Steve [d] 

Luddy, Tom 

Lunch, Sandy 

McGrath, Sean 

McKelvey, Troy 

Means, Loren 

Mitor, Don 

Moriarty, Frances 

Morse, Linda 

Murphy, Fred 

Murray-Nears, Kay 

Neidert, Paul 

Nisker, Scoop 

Ogar, Richard 

Ouroussoff, Alessandro 

Passman, Arnie 

Patrick, Dave 

Paul, Bill 

Perkins, Carol 

Perrino, Albert 

Peterson, Clark 

Plante, Tom 

Poet, J. 

Powelson, Mark K. 

Price, Michelle 

Rat Fink 

Raisch, Charles 

Ranieri, Steve 

Reed, Ishmael 

Reidenbach, Patty 

Reigert, Ray 

Reim, Terry 

Rein, Tari 

Reynolds, Michael  

Richards, Ted 

Robertson, Lynn 

Roman, David 

Rosman, Marty 

Ross, Andrew 

Rumsey, Spencer 

Salisbberry, David 

Savage, Fay 

Schreck, Joel 

Schreiber, James A. 

Shames, Steve 

Sharpe, Karen 

Sharpe, Warren 

Shelton, Gilbert 

Siegel, Gershon 

Silva, Janice 

Silverman, Art 

Siskind, Linda 

Skolnick, Sharon 

Smith, Gar 

Snyder, Michael 

St. James, Margo 

Stansill, Peter 

Stein, Ellin 

Streem, Kathie 

Thomas, J. N. 

Thomas, Ted 

Thompson, Tracy 

Timony, Sheila 

Tow, Laura 

Turpin, Andrew 

Verb, Hal 

Vernon, Steve 

Wald, Karen Lee 

Waldron, Rosemary 

Wallace, Bill  

Wallace, Scott 

Walsh, Jeff 

Wavy Gravy 

Wechter, Jayson 

Weiner, Nancy 

Williams, Kathy 

Wilson, Robert Anton 

Wilson, S. Clay 

Withebert, Carl 

Worthington, Avis 

Wright, Morrie 

Wright, Paul 

Wrigley, Bob