Public Comment


Romila Khanna
Monday April 20, 2015 - 03:12:00 PM

We are facing gun related problems every day in our country. Public safety is non-existent in areas where most of the shootings take place. Even when troubled youth or adults are in schools or colleges they are fearful. They don't live in good neighborhoods. They don't feel safe. Their basic needs are not met. They lack supportive families and access to mental health professionals. They join gangs, get addicted to drugs or alcohol, and start lives of crime. These troubled young people think that a like-minded gang is the place where they can express themselves best. 

I think literature and drama can help these young people re-balance their emotions. Literature and drama classes can help them understand themselves and others. They can start to change their thoughts. They can become more capable of making good choices even in their difficult circumstances.