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Berkeley ZAB to Consider EIR for 2211 Harold Way tonight

Thursday April 23, 2015 - 03:04:00 PM

The Berkeley Zoning Adjustment Board is scheduled to decide whether they should certify the Environmental Impact Report on 2211 Harold Way tonight. Since what exactly is planned has yet to be determined, it would make very little sense to close the discussion now. Tim Hansen's piece in this issue makes a lot of sense, and now there's a new problem.

A court decision says that tiered water pricing systems, adopted in response to the unprecedented drought, are unconstitutional because they violate one of the state's stupider initiatives. See, in the Sacramento Bee, California cities fret over tiered water rates after court decision. If you're worried about water, and you should be, you might want to show up at Old City Hall tonight at 7:30 and speak your piece about whether it's time to add 300+ luxury households to Berkeley at this point. At least the EIR should be updated to reflect current conditions, so the ZAB can make the best decision possible under the circumstances.