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Rethinking Our Priorities

Romila Khanna
Monday July 06, 2015 - 11:27:00 AM

It seems absurd that our Congress debates sending our tax dollars to save other nations. We need to help our international communities, but at what cost? I hear that we should send our money to ensure safety and growth for other nations. Why are we forgetting our own? It is strange that first we attack other nations and destroy their resources, and then we start sending them aid. It is high time we focus on ensuring safety and growth for our own nation.  

Due to poor education and therefore insecurity, some people join gangs and get into the habit of taking drugs. All this makes them violent. As a result every day in one city or another, people are shot to death by handguns. I know gun manufacturers and gun shops pay taxes. But it is tax collected at a heavy cost. Many lives are destroyed by casual violence for a handful of dollars in taxes. 

I wish federal and state money was used to build a healthy and happy society rather than a society of neurotics. Rethinking is possible if we choose to change our priorities. Our own country first . Our own country moving along the path of health, happiness and prosperity.