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New: Progress for People not Millions for Moguls- Defeat Developers Dream Deal

Councilmember Kriss Worthington
Friday July 10, 2015 - 06:24:00 PM

Millions of dollars of downtown hi-rise developer fee reductions are on the July 14th Council agenda. Multiple professional consultant reports suggest higher fairer fees. Nonetheless, the City Council has instructed staff to prepare three proposals to reduce millions of dollars in fees for wealthy corporations. Ironically these millions of dollars of corporate giveaways are being discussed within one month of the City cutting social service groups funding, and increasing homeowner fees. 

Giveaway #1: Millions of dollars fee reductions to significant community benefits by allowing one project on Harold Way a reduced fee deal not offered to any other developer. Also no clear requirement for how many affordable units to be provided or paid for by all seven projects. 

Giveaway #2: Votes on Oct 7, 2014 and April 7, 2015 to reduce affordable housing mitigation fee temporarily from $28,000 per unit down to $20,000 per unit. This will be coming back for another vote. 

Giveaway #3: Proposed exemption of downtown tall buildings from Percent for Art. Council referred to Planning Commission. 

The city is facing a crisis in affordable housing. It is crucial that the city require the developers to build affordable units or pay a substantial fee on new units in order to provide funding for affordable housing. If we do not make corporations pay their fair share, the costs of development may be externalized to the taxpayers.. As currently proposed, there is no clear guarantee of what minimum number of units or funds for affordable housing will be provided. 

Links to consultants’ reports: 

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Defeat the Developers’ Dream Deal! 

And/or attend the City Council meeting on July 14 at 7pm at 2134 MLK Jr Way, Berkeley