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The Main Reason to Reject That Guy

Bruce Joffe
Friday November 04, 2016 - 11:26:00 AM

t's not just because he is being investigated by the FBI for nefarious ties to Russia that Trump should be rejected. It's not only his disrespectful, misogynistic words and actions toward women. It's not just because he bribed the Florida Attorney General, using money from his charitable foundation, to remove Florida from indicting him for Trump University. It's not his history of business bankruptcies and not paying construction tradespeople. It's not even because he called for more countries to get nuclear weapons, and for the U.S. to stop supporting NATO. 

The main reason for rejecting Trump is his denial of global climate change which threatens our very existence ( Concerted actions to shift from carbon-based energy to solar and wind power are needed, now, to prevent catastrophic flooding, drought, and sea-level rise. Yet, the Huckster Candidate calls it a "hoax." 

We need Hillary's knowledge, experience and temperament to preserve and improve our country, and the planet on which we live.