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"Respite" Care? No.

Mike Zint
Friday December 23, 2016 - 01:30:00 PM

A few day ago, I was released from the hospital into a "care facility" through BACS. Last night was my third night here. This is supposed to be respite care. It is not medical at all. I still have not seen a nurse. 

Last night, my drug abusing roommate spent the entire night puking. The tiny room has about a half gallon of vomit on the floor and smells horrible. My roommate has been going through my gear, taking what he wants. The food is not enough for a child's meal. No working cooking facilities, no toilet seat, and it took a special phone call and an attorney to get me a mattress. 

When the city of Berkeley chooses to ignore homeless, we die. This place is making me weaker, not stronger. Alta Bates hung up on me when I contacted them and tried to resolve this situation. 

So, Mr. Mayor, Kriss Worthington, and the rest of city council, is this what you mean by helping the poor? These reasons are why we demanding tents. You lie about what is offered, and spin stories to make yourself look good. Look at the photos, and put yourself in my situation. This is the lie you are covering up. And to say everything is good shows you are out of touch or full of shit. 

House cleaning just left my room. They left this behind in disgust. Is this how you want to be cared for? Remember, my lungs are ruined and I can not move more than a few feet at a time. Is that cigarettes on the ground? An aluminum pipe for for drugs? My tent is a much better choice than BACS. Respite care, my ass. More murder of the poor. 

Please share. 


Mike Zint is a founder of First They Came for the Homeless and was a resident of their settlement until getting sick. Thomas Lord to forwarded this to the Planet.