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Trump’s Speech

Jagjit Singh
Saturday March 04, 2017 - 11:19:00 AM

In an incredibly low bar of expectations, President Trump stayed on script and was able to read from his teleprompter taking long pauses for thunderous applause from sycophantic Republicans who just a few months earlier had mocked and ridiculed him. 

Predictably, Trump heaped praise on his many accomplishments with promises of creating millions of jobs, winning wars, adding 56 billion to an already bloated military and building a beautiful wall on our southern borders. ‘Huddled masses’ will no longer be welcome to our shores. The architect of hate condemned “hate in all of its very ugly forms.” Candidate Trump I hope you are listening and embarrassed by your denigration and assaults on women, mocking the disabled and anti-immigrant diatribes. 

He promised to repeal the ACA with TrumpCare with significant lower costs and better coverage but the Pipe Piper offered no details on how this Houdini magic would be accomplished. He recently admitted to the nation’s governors that “nobody knew” replacing Obamacare “could be so complicated.” Oh really! Town hall meetings are becoming so loud and raucous that Congressional representatives are fearful to attend. The thud of shovels and pitch forks are getting louder. 

He promised to commit $1 trillion in an infrastructure plan for the nation’s “crumbling infrastructure” but offered no details. 

Perhaps, the lowest point of his speech was his cynical exploitation of the grieving wife of Navy Seal Ryan Owens who lost his life in a botched raid in Yemen.