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Bus stops are not public restrooms

Romila Khanna
Friday May 05, 2017 - 01:41:00 PM

What is happening to the bus stops? 

Who has allowed the strangers to use public spaces to urinate and discharge their bodily waste through their anus? 

This has been seen in bus stops for months. Transit department or city governments all over the state must make it their priority to help daily commuters to commute to their destinations without compromising their health. School children, college students and others use bus stops.  

Today there were broken glass pieces thrown all over on three bus stop areas in Albany. 

I had to board the bus standing on the road to save myself from getting poked by glass pieces and the bodily discharge of some crazy-brainer. 

This is a serious problem. I urge the Albany city Mayor to look into the matter and collaborate with the Public Health and Police Departments to ensure that Albany residents don’t face this problem again.  

If we ignore this issue, it will become a health issue for all residents, even those that drive their cars through the area. We must pay attention to the needs of all others, even when it does not directly concerns us.