Tax the Rich Turns Six on Monday

Harry Brill
Thursday September 07, 2017 - 02:14:00 PM

This coming Monday, September 11 the Tax the Rich group will be celebrating a tremendous achievement, its sixth year birthday party. The group has been protesting and working on issues since September 12, 2011. On domestic issues, it has been the longest running political rally in Berkeley's history. Indeed, that's six years on the streets of Solano Avenue. 

During these years we have along with other organizations won public support for Prop 30, which funnels money to the public schools by increasing taxes on those in the higher income brackets. The Tax the Rich group played a major role in enacting a minimum wage law in Berkeley. The group also played a role in winning a minimum wage of $15 an hour wage for working people in Berkeley. On another occasion we organized a mass picket of the Bank of America to assure that the bank would not engage in unfair or illegal foreclosures. And every week our street rallies does what it can to inform those who are passing by of the issues they should be concerned about. 

We very much hope that you will attend our birthday party this coming Monday, which is from 5-6pm. The location is near the top of Solano Avenue, by the closed movie theater. 

Please come and bring your friends as well.