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Proposition 10 recipients

Friday September 08, 2000

l Alta Bates Foundation/ Infant Follow-Up Clinic- $64,877 

The clinic serves high risk infants and includes neurodevelopment assessments, diagnostic and referral services plus expansion of clinic-based services. 


l Berkeley-Albany YMCA - $50,000 

The program provides developmentally appropriate integrated and comprehensive early intervention and prevention services to children age 0-5 with disabilities. 


l Center for the Education of the Infant Deaf - $46,250 

The funding will pay for outreach and training around infant hearing/deafness issues, including assessment training for public health nurses. It will include home visits. 


l Family Violence Law Center - $50,000 

The funding will go to family violence prevention programs for families whose children are at risk of abuse or neglect, including parenting skills and anger management classes and legal services. 


l Habitot Children’s Museum- $25,000 

The funds will go to a children’s educational program for low-income families and agencies serving at-risk families. 


l Jewish Children and Family Services - $35,000 

Funding is for prevention/early intervention services to the Jewish preschool system, including mental health services and parent support classes. 


l Lifelong Medical Care- $28,844 

The funding is for community health outreach to provide follow-up and community linkage to ensure low-income pregnant women receive prenatal medical services. 


l The Link to Children - $30,000 

The program provides mental health services for children and their families, including mental health intern recruitment/training, and parent empowerment services (education, newsletter, video/books.) 


l Through the Looking Glass- $50,000 

The program provides community-based family support services to disabled and deaf communities including outreach to expectant parents with disabilities, in-home support for disabled grandparent caregivers and disabled parents and children. 

l Women’s Daytime Drop-In Center - $20,000 

Funding will go for a staff position to allow a children’s program coordinator to conduct more outreach and develop more program linkages to other community-based organizations and services. 


l City of Berkeley Public Health Department - $100,000 

The funds will go for community organizing, education and planning programs to increase health and education services for young children and their families.