Fake tickets sold for arts festival

Bay City News
Monday September 11, 2000

SAUSALITO — The Sausalito Police Department is looking for eyewitnesses who can describe the people who sold counterfeit tickets to the Sausalito Arts Festival over Labor Day Weekend. 

The tickets look and feel just like authentic BASS ones.  

“Basically, don't buy tickets on the street, no matter what the story is,” Sausalito Arts Festival promotion chairman Benjamin Train said today. “These guys are pros. This is not some guy with a laser printer.” 

Train says he has notified other upcoming events, such as the San Francisco Blues Festival, that take BASS tickets to let them know tests to know if the tickets are authentic.  

These events will not admit customers with counterfeit tickets, Train said. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sausalito Police Department at (415) 289-4170.