Carjacker picks on the wrong car; father and son suspects arrested

The Associated Press
Saturday September 30, 2000

SAN LEANDRO – A carjacking suspect is probably kicking himself after police said he tried to carjack an undercover car. 

Bryan Keith Jackson is a suspect, along with his father, in a string of at least nine carjackings in the east San Francisco Bay area. 

The younger Jackson was arrested Thursday night. His father, Prentess Eugene Jackson, was arrested Monday in San Leandro while allegedly driving one of the stolen vehicles. 

Police said the father and son team would shine a bright light at cars on the road, pretending to be police officers. When the motorists stopped, the suspects would carjack them. 

According to police, Bryan Jackson shone a light into an unmarked car driven by two undercover CHP officers. Once Jackson realized his mistake, he fled the crime scene. But police caught him soon after.