Sculpture will get a makeover

Bay City news
Monday October 09, 2000

A famous sculpture displayed outside a museum at the University of California at Berkeley will receive an environmental makeover that only Berkeley could appreciate 

“The Hawk for Peace” was commissioned by the UC Berkeley Art Museum and was donated by the sculptor, Alexander Calder. Calder finished the sculpture in 1976 and it now sits outside the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. 

A special amount of attention is focused on striping the sculpture of its lead-based paint to ensure that none of the toxins are released into the ground.  

According to the university, when the sculpture was originally commissioned, it was painted with paint that had a lead content of two percent.  

Which was a level deemed unsafe by the government. New regulations currently allow new paints to contain only .006 percent lead paint, a level far below the old paint, but that isn't known for its durability.